Collaboration with your accountant or other industry professional may seem like a daunting task. The COVID-19 pandemic changed most traditional practices of getting your taxes prepared, reconciling your balance sheet or preparing financial statements. Assembling a wide assortment of paperwork can make the stress even worse. All of the moving pieces can really stack up, even before dealing with postage, USPS delivery lag or finding a moment to drop off documents for review and pick up.

Enter virtual accounting services. Online portals for virtual accounting services allows everyday people and businesses to simplify this often-difficult financial accounting process and take control of the steps via an organized, stable environment. Portals not only provide critical organizational assistance, but also streamline communication, progress tracking and more, regardless of  what industry or work you are involved in.  We find the portal to be a reassuring, straight-forward extension of our long-term commitment to quality.


Quick Connections

Unlike phone tag or answering services, the modern technology available puts experts just a few keystrokes away. Financial experts can not only answer your questions on sensitive subjects but also help you maintain the security of your documents. Far better than the box at the end of your driveway, the inbox and storage systems in virtual accounting portals provides significant security that allows users reassurance and confidence surrounding their critical documents. And, if you find yourself confused while trying to navigate the system, solutions can be as simple as a menu or icon away – easily found with a simple phone call.


Virtual Accounting – Virtual Engagement

To this end, we have found video chat to be an excellent companion to online accounting portals as a way to bridge the gap and connect online. Virtual meetings present a wonderful opportunity to deepen your collaborative relationship as a new or existing client while a firm like ours is able to offer the same commitment and reassurances. We offer professional services such as bookkeeping, financial statements and virtual CFO, which can all be worked on, reviewed, discussed, and completed from the security of your home office.


Direct, Digital Results

Web-based assistance through virtual accounting allows for faster turnaround in services rendered since you avoid delays with the post office. Many firms, including ours, allow documents that are dropped off by clients to remain in the drop box (think: document quarantine) for three days. Reduced reliance on physical paper allows for more efficiency, an added convenience that everyone can benefit from in these busy times. What’s more, after the process is complete, your entire tax documentation can be easily downloaded and stored on your electronic devices for other purposes (think bank loans, mortgage requirements, etc.)  By digitizing your efforts, you can easily catalog years, if not decades, to make the road ahead far more simple wherever life takes you.


Let’s Get Started!

Truth be told, online virtual accounting portals are not as scary as you may think – they’re fast, easy, convenient and similar to almost any program you already use on the computer.  We believe any new client who logs into our system will find it to be effective, secure, easy-to-use and convenient. Once you learn how to use our system, you will likely stick to it long after our country re-emerges from the current stay-at-home system.  While the COVID-19 pandemic has made us all work more remotely, this period of time has been a great opportunity to educate our clients about the amazing convenience and effectiveness of online portals and professional services we’ve always offered as a firm.

Senter, CPA is here to help – our commitment to excellent service remains the same virtually as in-person. Don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking HERE or call us at (248) 934-0550 if you would like to learn more about the services we offer, including virtual accounting. We look forward to working with you in the near future.



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