At one point or another in our careers, we’ve all found ourselves needing to work remote. For some it’s indefinite, others temporary. However, working from home can often times be a challenge when you’re accustomed to the accessibility of resources that an office setting can provide. It’s no surprise that being “at work” offers routine, higher productivity and accountability within a team.  

Enter COVID-19. You are now working remote daily, potentially with kids home from school and typical day to day routine is a thing of the past. What can you do to better the situation, for you, your work and your family as social distancing and self-quarantine become a reality? 

How to (Productively) Work from Home: 

  • Structure your day like you would the office 
  • Don’t work in your PJ’s 
  • Choose a work space 
  • Create a definitive schedule with a start and end time, inclusive of a break 
  • Plan what you’ll be working on ahead of time 
  • Keep the team calendar front of mind 
  • Stay connected to your team via email, text or teleconferencing  
  • Set expectations and boundaries for those who are home with you to limit interruptions 
  • Avoid the TV and social media while working, especially right now with constant COVID-19 updates 
  • Meal plan as if you were going into the office. 

As we modify our lives around the COVID-19 pandemic and adjust to the constraints of work/life balance from home, the best thing we can truly do for ourselves, family and work is stay positive and find a routine that allows balance.

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