Are you expecting, or perhaps already received, an income tax refund from your 2019 filing? If so, a tax refund is an excellent opportunity to set yourself up for success and in a better financial position for the future. We’ve rounded up ten creative ways to put your tax refund to work:

Do – 5 Smart Ideas for Your Cash

  • Pay down your existing debt
  • Boost your cash reserve or emergency fund
  • Save for a major goal, like a down payment on a house
  • Home improvements or replace one faulty appliance in your home
  • Establish or fund a 529 College Savings Account for your children or grandchildren

Don’t – 5 Common Mistakes¬†

  • Don’t leave your refund in your checking account
  • Don’t splurge on frivolous things that will depreciate over time, otherwise known as a shopping spree
  • Don’t spend it all on a vacation
  • Don’t make big purchases that require future payments
  • Don’t gamble it away

The Reality of Your Refund

It’s important to remember that your tax refund isn’t free cash; it’s income earned during the course of the tax year.¬† Plan accordingly and put your refund towards your personal financial goals. You’ve worked for your refund and now it’s time to make your refund work for you.

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