I am excited to let you know that I will be the Rotary Club of Clarkston’s 2021 – 2022 President.

At the time I joined the Rotary Club of Clarkston in August of 2018, I was also making a significant transition in my career. In congruence with this career move, I was eager to become more connected to my community and to fulfill an internal desire to serve and help others. Being acquainted with many Rotarians, and having a mentor who is a strong advocate of the organization, I decided to seek them out as it sounded like a great fit for me. What I did not foresee upon joining, were the incredible friendships I would make and the knowledge I would gain along the way, for which I am most grateful.

I am honored to have now been tasked with being the president, and I intend to be intentional and proactive with this new responsibility. Over the next 12 months my goals include: fulfilling the Rotary International theme of “Serve to Change Lives”, bringing lots of excitement and energy to our local Rotary club, and advancing a new community project for our Clarkston kids. This specific project I am especially excited about, and I think you should be too. I will be implementing a special program for the Clarkston community kids as my Rotary “President’s Project”, so stay tuned to learn more about that in an upcoming blog post. 

What is Rotary?

Rotary is an international service organization, consisting of business professionals who dedicate their time and efforts to advancing peace and goodwill through various humanitarian service projects, such as:

  • Providing a new van for Lighthouse of Clarkston
  • Helping pack food boxes at Lighthouse of Clarkston
  • Making blankets for children’s hospitals
  • Sponsoring Team RUSH at Clarkston High School
  • Sponsoring Interact club (Rotary for high schoolers)
  • Awarding scholarships at Renaissance High School
  • Providing the opportunity for students to attend a leadership weekend
  • Participating in and facilitating in-bound and out-bound exchange students
  • Wine Tasting Fundraiser (fall wine party at Bordine’s Nursery)
  • Selling Goodfellow Rotary newspapers
  • Shoes for Kids: providing shoes, boots, hats and gloves for hundreds of local children each year

What does Rotary have to offer you?

  • Local and International Service Projects
  • Fellowship & Networking
  • Community Involvement

Who is Clarkston Rotary? 

The Rotary Club of Clarkston currently consists of 16 men and women who enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people, while doing good in the local community and around the world. We do the things people think “just happen”.

If you’re interested in learning more about us, I would like to invite you to take a look at our website:


2021 – 2022 Board of Directors

  • President: Matt Senter
  • President Elect: (this could be you)
  • Past President: Chad Blackstone
  • Secretary: Mary Sloan
  • Treasurer: Jeff Licthy
  • Sejeant-at-Arms & Director: Joel DeLong
  • Director: Chris Hennessy
  • Director: Stephanie Banks

How to keep in touch with the Rotary Club of Clarkston

Interested in attending one of our meetings?

Our goal this year is to strengthen and grow our membership. Each One Bring One: The pandemic and lack of in-person meetings and service projects has been a bit harsh to the entire Rotary organization, and we want YOU to be apart of what we are doing. The more folks involved, the more energy we have, and the more we can accomplish in our communities across the globe.

If you are interested in learning more about our club, or attending a meeting, please reach out to me directly: 248-934-0550;

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Happy Thanksgiving

Josh Legant is joining the Senter, CPA Happy Thanksgiving to all Senter, CPA, P.C. clients, team, friends, and community.

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Thank you!

Josh Legant is joining the Senter, CPA team as Staff Accountant.

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Welcome to the Senter, CPA Team – Josh Legant

Josh Legant is joining the Senter, CPA team as Staff Accountant.

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