The reason I chose to become an accountant in Clarkson, Michigan was due to my family, which consists of my beautiful wife, Cassie, and our three children, Ben (12), Waylon (4) and Charlotte (2); you can imagine how much they all mean to me.

As many of you already know, or if you have been to our office, you know I am a Tennessee guy through and through. Ironically, I met my wife, Cassie, a Michigan native, in Tennessee back in 2009. After consideration, we ultimately decided that we wanted to grow our family in her home state and moved to Michigan in 2012. We moved to Waterford first, then shortly thereafter bought our home in Clarkston. I was commuting to and from the Birmingham/Southfield area daily. When I decided to start my own firm, I knew it had to be where we lived. Not only did I want to contribute to the same community which we were raising our family, but I also wanted to lessen the burden of the commute, allowing me more time and flexibility with my loved ones. My family gets to be at my side for continuous support and my kids learn the value of hard work and determination. So here we are, raising our family and serving the same community which provides us home. I appreciate and have loved every minute of the journey thus far.

If you missed my introduction of myself and my family back when we started our blog, you can find it HERE. If you’d like to revisit our 2019 year in review blog, it can be found HERE.

At Senter CPA, we always strive to exceed your expectations in our efforts of service and community. We consider ourselves as top tax preparers, accountants and CPA’s within the industry and we know our service is the BEST, as we work diligently to provide what other firms don’t: accountability, efficiency and effectiveness with a personal touch. We are much more than our service offerings and would love to invite you to contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Since our beginning we have been steadily growing and meeting new people. We’ve had a tremendous response to our philosophy and approach; our team continues to grow to ensure the excellent service continues for years to come.  As always, here at Senter CPA, we’d like to thank our families, clients and supporters. We’ve come such a long way in our short existence and we plan to continue our impact within the Clarkston community and beyond.

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P.S. We have some exciting news coming soon!