Automate your accounting by connecting your Shopify store and QuickBooks Online. This process will reduce manual entry for invoices, customers, and products to save time and eliminate errors.

Watch the short video below to get started. The setup process is simple.

There are many benefits of connecting Shopify to QuickBooks Online:

  • Reconcile deposits in just a few minutes
    All your transactions are summarized precisely the same way Shopify does. Your fees are neatly split out from your deposits, so you get perfect reconciliations that match your bank feed.
  • Summarize 100 or 100,000 transactions with zero manual edits
    Get ONE manageable post in QuickBooks daily. Not 100s or 1000s of incorrect transactions you’ll end up having to clean, be on top of, or bog Quickbooks down with.
  • Sync multiple stores without needing to disconnect and reconnect
    Make a separate connection for each store ONCE. Then watch it track all your stores separately on autopilot. No need to disconnect or re-sync.

    Always remember, Senter, CPA is here for you if you need any assistance.

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