Intuit constantly updates their system to provide their clients with the most up-to-date and efficient program possible.   We’re proud to share their 2023 updates with our clients.

What’s New?

  • Migration: Moving from QB Desktop to QB Online
    • Migration now helps provide clients with confidence to migrate their data from Desktop to Online seamlessly, even without interruption to payroll.  View-only access will be granted for 1 year after your QB Desktop account is canceled should you need to refer to previous critical data.
  • Match transactions from foreign currency bank accounts in QB Online Banking
    • Matching Transactions: The Find Match feature in QB Online now allows matching with foreign currency bank accounts.  If a client uses multiple currencies, they can now match transactions in QB Online. Also, Matching now takes priority vs. Bank Rules.
  • Batch-edit your auto-add bank rules
    • Batch-edit:  If you want to refuse the auto-add preference on a list of bank rules, go to Banking, select Rules, check off multiple rules, then turn off auto-add for all of them.
  • Add payroll for clients from QB Online Accountant
    • Payroll Add-On for QB Online Accounting clients.  You’ll no longer need to add payroll through each clients’ business accounts.  You’ll use QB Online Accountant to add payroll services for each client.
  • Guided QB Time setup for QB Online Payroll
  • Mobile check deposit (for Android Users in QB Checking)
  • Chart of Accounts : Go to: Page# is now at the Top as well as Bottom of each page for convenient scrolling.
  • Adding/Removing Tip Option to Invoices: Clients can now add a tip to an invoice with QB Payments.
    • Add Tips on Invoices (QB Payments):  clients can now add a tip to their QB Payments (ie. 5%, 10%, 15%, $50.00, None)This can be turned off as well.To change the setting on/off:
      • Gear: Settings, then Account settings
      • Select Sales
      • In Sales from Content, select Edit
      • Turn Accept Tips on:
      • In the Who’s receiving these tips? Window, select an option:
        • My Team: Select if you use tips to pay employees or others. This creates a liabilities account for tips.
        • Just me: Select if you only pay tips to yourself. This creates an income account for tips.
      • Select Update
      • Select Save, then Done.

      To change setting to off:

      • Gear: Settings, then Account and setting.
      • Select Sales
      • In Sales form content, then Edit
      • Turn Tips(Gratuity) off
      • Select Save, then Done.
  • The left side bar menu is now collapsible to allow for more screen space to work.
  • Coming soon: the ability to accept payment via cryptocurrency.

Watch the video to see all of these new features:

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