Independence Township kicked off the 2021 Little Sluggers baseball season last weekend, and Senter, CPA didn’t pass up the opportunity to support the community and sponsor a team again this year.

Although there were no opening day celebrations this year due to COVID, with some restrictions beginning to be lifted, we were able to remove the masks and enjoy a beautiful morning at the field with the kids.

Senter CPA provided swag bags for the kids with some snacks and little squishy baseballs that all the kids enjoyed in previous years. The bags were a hit!

The team consists of 10 kids, boys and girls ages 3-4 years old, and of course our little Senter, Waylon! Matt and Waylon have been working on his baseball skills several nights a week, and, as you can see in the photo, he was ready to go show off his skills!

Feel free to join us Saturday mornings at Clintonwood Park, in Clarkston! And, as always, a HUGE thank you to Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors for putting this event on.¬† It hasn’t been easy, and they did a great job!

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Josh Legant is joining the Senter, CPA Happy Thanksgiving to all Senter, CPA, P.C. clients, team, friends, and community.

    Since today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a few things that, myself and the rest of the Senter CPA team, are thankful for:

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    Thank you!

    Josh Legant is joining the Senter, CPA team as Staff Accountant.

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    Welcome to the Senter, CPA Team – Josh Legant

    Josh Legant is joining the Senter, CPA team as Staff Accountant.

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